New color and design trends have cycles that last for several years. Trendsetters observe, copy and reinvent these cycles over and over again. The current trends in colors and design motifs like trefoils and geometric angular forms, remind me of my childhood watching Goldie Hawn on the popular TV program Laugh In.

This set design in a 1970 clip was certainly a harbinger for our present day trendsetters of color and design. (That’s over40 years ago!)

Look at those same colors being repeated today in the 2012 Pantone Spring colors! Colors that just make you want to smile like Goldie and that hilarious cast from Laugh In.

Hardware and accessories have taken a modern swing as well repeating from the past, but with a fresh new look.

Designers are creating innovative window treatments using unconventional hardware. Square motifs are now on everything from grommets to finial free rod designs.

 Minimalist styling incorporates unique materials

Faux leather, textured woods and linen covered rods are a few of the newest collections for both contemporary as well as traditional settings.

It’s now  “Hip to be Square!”